About the department:

The Department of Biochemistry was established at the Faculty of Science - King Abdulaziz University in 1404/1405 H. The Department of Biochemistry is a leading center for undergraduate, master's and doctoral studies in Saudi Arabia. Since its inception, the department has been preparing qualified scientific cadres with various qualified degrees to work in a wide range of fields including education, health, industry, agriculture and trade, as well as supporting targeted scientific research and teaching biochemistry to Faculty departments and other faculties.



Providing the society with individuals that excel in biochemistry to serve community and contribute in the advancement of the field.


Leadership in education, scientific research, and community service.


- Prepare an interactive environment that allows affiliated members to excel in the field.
- Propagate the culture of innovation and creativity in biochemistry and related field.
- Graduate active society members and leaders in academia, research and industry.
- Develop the sense of responsibility regarding community service.




Quality  - Creativity  - Sustainability